Size guide

How To Measure Shoe Size?

If you are not sure what size of NOVESTA shoes you are, follow these steps:

1. Take your best fitting pair of shoes.

2. Remove the insole from the shoe and stand up on the insole. Check that the insoles fit snuggly or note how narrow or loose they fit, so you can add extra width. Insoles should contact firmly the sides, front and back, the insole must be longer than the foot.

3. Measure the distance from A to B, find the measurements in the size chart and choose the right size.

4. If you are between the sizes, you need to round a number up.

5. Never forget that the foot must have a space in the shoes.


You would like to buy STAR MASTER sneakers. You removed your insole from your shoes and measured 259 mm = 25.9 cm. In the STAR MASTER shoe size table you will find the following: 38 = 257mm and 39 = 261mm. In this case, you choose 39 as it always needs to be rounded up. Use same system also with other Novesta models. If you would like to buy the ITOH model, for the same length = 259 mm = 25.9 cm, you would choose size 40. WARNING: Each NOVESTA model has its own table size.


Novesta shoes fit like most shoes, we recommend you choose your standard size.


You can get the most accurate measurement if you try your shoes personally at a Novesta dealer. When buying the first pair of Novesta shoes, try some of our sales outlets in Slovakia or in the world - LIST OF STOCKISTS HERE


No worries, return of goods is possible within 14 days of purchase of goods.

How to return products:

1. You have the right to withdraw from the purchase within 14 days without giving a reason. The cancellation period begins on the day of receipt of the last article of your order.

2. Fill out the return form (be sure to specify the reason for the refund that best describes why you are returning the goods).

3. Place the unused goods together with the copy of the invoice and the completed return form, in the original packaging. Wrap the box so that no damage will be done during the transport. For this purpose it is the best to use overwrap, paper, plastic bag or a bigger box (please do not put any tape directly on the box as it would derogate it value). Please note that the return form must always be attached to the article. Make sure that you also provide an account number (in the form of IBAN) on the form for financial reimbursement for the return of the goods.

4. RETURNING goods from EU countries:
EXPANDECO - Topánky E-shop s.r.o.
Fraňa Kráľa 16,
966 81 Žarnovica,
Slovak Republic

RETURNING goods from Great Britain or Ireland:
Zuzana Valla EXPANDECO – Novesta
63B Hardinge Road
TN24 8HB Ashford
Kent, United Kingdom

RETURNING goods from United States or Canada:
IEM Management Ltd. (NOVESTA)
8145 - 202 Street
Langley, BC
V2Y 3K2 Canada,

5. The customer will pay all shipping charges related to the return. Upon returning, you are fully responsible for the product(s) being wrapped securely, to effectively avoid damage while they are in transit.

6. After receiving the delivery and checking the goods, we will return the money for your goods to your account. IMPORTANT: As already mentioned, buyer/customer will pay all shipping cost related to the return of goods to us.

Important information:
1. The product that you are returning must be new,unused or not worn.
2. Shipping costs of returning the good are paid by the customer.
3. The most common reason for the return is the wrong shoe size. We therefore recommend to see our size chart