Cotton Breeze soy candle

Mrzí nás to, ale Vami vybraný produkt nie je aktuálne k dispozícií.
      Novesta brings a novelty: a hand-cast 250gr candle made of 100% soy wax with a wooden wick, which we have made for you in accordance with our main principles such as sustainability, local production and ecology. We have chosen the scent that is the most characteristic for us, it is the scent of fresh cotton, which will make your home smell wonderfully and create a pleasant atmosphere.
      The use:
      For the first time, let the candle burn for at least 3-4 hours so that the top layer burns evenly. Ideally, let the candle burn continuously for at least 1-2 hours, for a maximum of 4 hours. Ignite it again after the wax completely hardens. Burning time is estimated at 35-40 hours.
      Important Notice:
      Keep out of reach of children and animals!
      Do not carry a burning candle!
      Never leave a burning candle unattended.
      Do not burn the candle near drafts, vents, or flammable objects.
      Light the candle on a heat-resistant surface only.
      The container can become very hot, be careful.
      Don't consume!
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